VISUALS FOR GENDER, an open data project funded by AmplifyChange, is organising a two-day gender hackathon and stakeholders engagement at Mobile Web Ghana, Agboba – North Legon. This is scheduled to take place on Friday, the 2nd of March and Saturday, the 3rd of March, 2018.

The goal of the Visuals for Gender project is to highlight the critical gender-related issues in our society, share them with citizens, policymakers and journalists for actions to be taken in accordingly. The data sets we use are on the following cases: violence, child marriages, defilement, rape etc. We are organizing this Gender Hackathon in our bid to bring together all stakeholders and interested persons to work together to develop interesting visualizations that give new insights into gender-based violence data sets. The two-day event will be characterized by presentations by some notable gender activists, training in data analysis and visualization, the hackathon itself and then the presentation and stakeholder engagement session.

The theme for the hackathon is; Hacking for Gender: Combating gender-based violence with the power of technology.

This event is aimed at bringing all the actors in the gender space to accomplish two main objectives:

  1. To train journalists,  CSOs, gender activists, civic technologists, developers, passionate citizens on telling gender-based violence stories using dynamic and static visualizations. This is also an opportunity for all these players to brainstorm on ideas and simple tech solutions that can help mitigate gender-based violence and promote an equal society.
  2. To have a stakeholders dialogue on the results of the various technology solutions developed during the hackathon and results of the work of Visuals for Gender to date. The ultimate goal is to dialogue on some of the actions that need to be taken and the role of good policies in promoting a better society for all.

We are calling on all who are concerned about gender-based violence to register HERE to participate in this hackathon. It is our hope that together we can all contribute in making discussions on gender-based violence more data-driven thereby compelling the appropriate authorities to take immediate action to curb the situation.


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